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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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The person

The person who came from the front looks for enemies, once the deceived does not trust anybody, felt the power will ruin all the life for the sake of illusion of domination over others.Whether it is worth being surprised, what, having transferred the little personality from one vital conditions to others, you do not manage to reach changes in his behavior and views?His body can be in the most peace, safe environment, and memory, feelings and even reason still exist in that past which is learned by emotions, is endured, comprehended and therefore is more real, than the present created by you.


And it, in turn would leave open a door for further deep communication.IN THE UNKNOWN TERRITORY In general, we know very little.We assume that a certain program is put in the child by nature and she is responsible for selectivity, speed and quality of selection of information, and also, perhaps, influences those conclusions and discoveries which will be made.Even daily experience, seemingly, accumulates according to this program, or, alas, under the influence of the brought virus of fear, hatred or offense.

What here

All shivered with only one thought that the baby can suffer.And already about anything, except childbirth, could not think.What here pleasure last moments of free life?!My child sat up in a womb!And than it to entice from there?On the same Internet advised to go up a ladder or to have sex with the husband by the way, one my friend and provoked the beginning of childbirth.But I that, another did not begin to do.There was to run on steps to me a laziness, and that such sex, I already forgot.

At the changing

The kid with a cerebral palsy often feels uncertainly when he is bathed, dress and undress.If it raised a muscular tone, its movements, reactions and motive answers are limited.Thus, when it is moved somehow, it is not capable to change automatically position of a body, to be arranged to change of a pose.At the changing tone and the involuntary movements the child can move, but he does not have enough stability, he has wrong reflexes of preservation of balance.Therefore before, for example, dressing, undressing the child or to change to him a diaper, it is very important to be convinced of correctness of its pose.

Such games

After all absence or the sloweddown emergence of response in the child with a cerebral palsy is frequent leads to that adults forget, the role of the games stimulating focusing and fixing of a look, and also tracking a subject in development of coordination of eyes hands and a thin motility is how great.Such games it is much better, than suspended toys, develop visual perception at the small child, and this opportunity cannot be missed.Recommendations and councils from this book will help you to think up new ways of development of sight and hearing at your kid.

And the adult

To understand it, it is important to represent how motive functions develop.At the newborn baby of the movement are spontaneous and chaotic, sometimes their volume is influenced by reflexes.And the adult can carry out difficult, any and purposeful movements.The help to children with a cerebral palsy is directed on that they could use the functional potential completely.For this purpose we have to correct and change their motive reactions by means of various receptions.

We agree

We bare stomachs, seeking to be super sexily.We agree to sex without condom, because, you see for someone with an elastic band not that high.But, unfortunately, you understand how everything is actually serious, only on reception at the gynecologist.Also there is it, as a rule, after the serial melodrama under the name I cannot become pregnant, the doctor, help!.And here you sit opposite to the lady in a white dressing gown who sets you straight, and think: What I was a silly woman!


Allow children to work as a manual beater and an electric nimbus, helping you to shake up soap shaving in water, to prepare from a semifinished product of jelly or to shake up sour cream.Children have to be convinced that much easier to work with the electric nimbus having some speeds.Mixing products a manual beater for a long time, we very much are tired.It occurs because the veselka cannot be connected to a power source.Easy to work with an electric nimbus as it is connected to the socket.

One of these

Tell children that in us there are two voices, two parts of our reason competing for the right to have our attention.One of these parts our ego which sometimes call small I, always seeks to tell the Ego to the first.Sometimes it says so loudly that we do not hear other voice.Suggest children to take one circle the control handle and to write on it capital letters the word EGO some consider that the EGO is deciphered as It is the Lord Otluchilsya.Other voice which tries to speak with us is a voice of God, Spirit, or the Highest Ya.

The little

All children different, and any child with a cerebral palsy is a personality with the features.The identity of the kid is in the center of attention of the author of the book.The little person with motive violations in the same way, as well as any other child, develops, actively interacting with world around, and first of all with close people.For development of the child many chapters of this book are devoted to importance of social interaction.Very often the child with a cerebral palsy is difficult to be understood.

But, fortunately, I grew

I like to spend the money that I want to buy.But the father finds some of these things unnecessary.He always speaks to me that I do not understand true value of money, and how, being the child, he was compelled to throw school to go to work and help a family.I understand that it passed through hard times in the childhood.But, fortunately, I grew up in other conditions, and I do not need to go to work instead of school.I not it, and though I do not spend money as would spend them the father, it does not mean that I am not right.

Here four

You can put the child so that the hand and a foot on the spastichny party of a body which are in a retraktion that is are displaced back, lay on a side fig.In certain cases, to hold the child in symmetric situation, to reduce extension of a body or a retraktion, it is convenient to change a diaper on a wedgeshaped pillow or on other inclined surface.Here four grade levels of neatness: beginning of formation of control; any control; independence training; independence.Beginning of formation of control Many children with a cerebral palsy, sitting on a pot, feel uncertainly therefore it is difficult for them to relax and sit slightly having bent forward, in a pose which promotes reduction of belly muscles and release of intestines.

The educational

Because this form of the social device demands from the person of conscious existence in measurement of GOOD.Why it was impossible to try to create the developing environment on the basis of orphanage?Because development of a civilization, leading to changes in mass consciousness, changes also the common notion for problems of education.The educational systems and educations taken in society for norm are in direct dependence on a stage of social development.There are neither bad, nor good systems, there is historically caused requirement to develop these or those qualities in people.

Yes, I think, carefully

Eh, here Dontsovas book!By the way!Time already the halfeighth.Dima that where?I call it on the mobile.The call is taken by my father.Hi!You at our place?I ask.Yes.And Dima where?In soul.And long ago?Minutes fifteen.Yes, I think, carefully the husband prepares for the forthcoming sleepless night.Or so was frightened?You give hasten it.And and I will give rise to that alone.

Since the birth

I already gave the point of view of A.Andreyev, having forgotten to make a reservation that it, as well as other scientific theories, is not supported with anything, except intuitive feeling of correctness.Once again we will return to concept of the Image of the World.Since the birth the rarefied space of consciousness of the child starts being filled with separate information, reflecting world around in the elementary images.In space of consciousness of the child these images communicate interactions in a certain uniform picture of the world.

To accustom

Pyramid.Removeput on without size To learn to carry out action of threading on a core.To fix ability to take a ring fingertips, clasping it sideways.To accustom the child not to knock ringlets about a table at removal of rings and putting on on a core.A lodge from a cube and a prism To learn to impose a prism on a cube, to choose among other forms a cube and a prism roof by the word of the adult.To understand and carry out speech instructions: Take a roof, put a roof on a cube.

It would

That looked norm forty years ago, is perceived now by us as pathology.Development of a civilization, leading to changes in mass consciousness, changes also the common notion for problems of education.At the second international conference Children and Care in Residential Establishments which took place in Stockholm in the declaration which actually outlawed any childrens homes and residential establishments was adopted.It would seem a humanity celebration.New era does not demand production of the average lawabiding inhabitant integrated unit in the society of mass production and an ideological monolith.

In the course

Any signal of the child for example, stereotypic sounds or the movements the musical therapist perceives as intended and significant.As a result the kid changes the relation to these signals.For example, starts using them with the purpose to receive the answer.The sound gains value of skill of communication useless action turns into the useful.In the course of normal development of the child there is the same.The kid who repeats paspaspaspas, at first does not mean father.

At first

First stage The first important stage of motive development alignment of a body on the average line and control of position of the head.Both that, and another becomes possible only after the child starts coming into contact with world around.At first for this purpose the baby uses sight, and then, much later, investigates the world to the touch.Revolutions The first experience of change of position of a body revolutions from a back sideways.Turning over, the child usually holds hands together.


The newborn person is not capable to go at once, and most of people consider that children are trained in walking in the first one and a half years of life.Actually it not absolutely so.The child, as well as an animal, finds ability to go, only when his brain ripens for this purpose, and walking cannot be trained simply, it is one of stages of development of a brain.Actually newborn baby perfectly crosses legs, and he cannot go for one simple reason he is not capable to keep balance and if not to support him, it will fall.

Perhaps will

I squeezed out some drops of colostrum to it on a mouth.Perhaps it is enough of it?When children were taken away, I confirmed the desire to leave the daughter with myself.Before feeding it was changed clothes so you touch nothing so far, the nurse told.And here before the following feeding it it will be necessary to wash away and replace a diaper.Perhaps will come, will help, I shy asked.The nurse favourably nodded.But I in her did not see special eagerness to help inexperienced mummy.

There are rollers

On the basis of these requirements this group of scientists developed a vertical strut of Cheyli The Chailey Standing Support fig.Adaptations for game, training coordination of movements and balance Rollers Description Rollers let out various flowers, length and diameter.They are made of the fusible made foam plastic and covered with strong fireresistant polyvinylchloride or vinyl material.There are rollers with a flat cut.Attention.If at the child who sits astride the roller, feet are bent and taken away, hips are developed inside, and foot is in the provision of plantar bending diameter of the roller for it is too great.


Even long before conception I imagined our future so: we with Dima make the decision on the childs birth together, we conceive together however, and how differently?, we wait for months, we rejoice, worry together and we give birth too TOGETHER.Because the birth of the kid is a MAJOR event in our life, both of us have to participate in it, and any left excuses like childbirth is a women stuff CAN not be here.Quite standard situation when the wife, unfortunate, suffers from fights in maternity hospital was absolutely unacceptable for me, literally by the sweat of the brow makes an effort to bring the child into world, and her razlyubezny spouse in the bar washes at this time the birth of the successor with friends.

Remember: Strong

From the same life situations even the twins who are brought up in the same conditions will take out absolutely various experience.Remember: Strong will become stronger, weak will fall off?From where the vital program undertakes?Very popular psychologist Eric Burn in the work People who play games tries to bring it out of the scenario which is set by parents.In the passion peculiar to founders of new theories, it simply ignores all facts which testify that the program and very powerful often happens and at the children deprived of parents.

There was no experience

I was heated by consciousness that there is a baby doll who depends on me.When I in years got to Kitezh, it appeared that I and here not to the yard.There was no experience to build the relations.Girlfriends were not.Zhenk from Nadkaya me hair was pulled.Shurik at you vanished.I began to be on friendly terms with small children.As in the village we rushed on kitchen gardens us called Timur and his team, so I and here began to do that was close to me.

Landa, years, Amkherst, Massachusetts. Landas

It was the quantum

It was the quantum leap!Earlier I had to use all strength of mind to force children to wash the dishes or not to use foul language, it was necessary to prove the offer to gather and sing to the guitar or KOLLEKTIVO to watch the movie.As critical in destiny of Kitezh it is possible to consider a boundary of Before, what actions we would not offer, always there was a twothree of children from seniors who it is lazy spoke through set teeth sediment, hammer that in our language means badly and spit.

From a chair

In the form of difficult delivery and not the happiest memories of them.From a chair in a pit About what childbirth already began, Lana with surprise learned where you would think?during planned survey in maternity hospital with which she signed the contract.At that moment it had weeks.The doctor felt felt and groped opening of a neck of a uterus in two fingers.Fathers, the patient that already gives birth.Naturally, about any return home there could not be also a speech.


Afterwards quite often there are other questions: What I for a monster if such thoughts come to my mind?It needs the loving mother, and we were going to refuse it!Behind confusion of feelings the despondency, despair, aspiration to loneliness and melancholy for the lost hopes to have the normal child comes.And all this time until parents grieve and slowly get over that the child of whom they dreamed, no, the real kid with violations does not disappear anywhere it nearby, and it needs leaving.

The pillow

Thus the bed in a form becomes similar to a hammock.Other way to raise the top part of a mattress, then, having curtailed a small blanket in the form of the roller, to wrap up it round a basin of the baby, and to turn in edges under a mattress.So hips will be bent, and the basin will not bend neither forward, nor back, and will reach neutral position.The pillow under a neck too can help if the child turns the head mainly in one party.In fig., and, in other way conveniently to lay the child is shown using the Tshaped roller it was developed in Mary Marlborought Disability Centre in Oxford; at its use of a foot of the child are bent in knee and coxofemoral joints and position of his body resembles a pose at a sitting position.

Then these

It, by the way regularly appears on our Internet page.Now practically each school student of Kitezh had an opportunity to express on the questions interesting him, to declare himself.An editorial board duty to collect articles, to edit and impose the newspaper which carries the sharp name PIN, that is a pin.In the newspaper children work the address with new subjects and phrases.Then these subjects and phrases become current all childrens collective.So Wednesday enriches itself, development goes on increasing, filling communication with pleasure of mutual understanding and the importance of each member of a community.

Before judging

My parents consider me now as the hooligan who uses drugs and so on because my friends put on not as all.The most ridiculous that they, except cigarettes, use nothing actually.Yes, they wear black clothes and dye hair, but they are normal children, and they my friends.My so silly parents.Core, years, Uebster, Missouri.Before judging friends, at first get acquainted with them Appearances are deceptive, especially at teenagers.Black clothes and colored hair, perhaps, would cause an array of problems in your days, but in ours they mean nothing.

The child

Early intervention Lack of skills of communication influences social and emotional development of the child.Many children become passive as a result of communication violation.The child has to as soon as possible learn to express own thoughts and desires, in this case already in very first, the most important for development, years he will be able to participate in social interaction more stoutly.Let the kid did not celebrate the first birthday yet, let you cannot estimate, how well he understands you, teach it to show at least a hand or eyes on a toy with which he wants to play.

But such

Joe and many other teenagers to whom I talked, complained that such approach reminds attack, than conversation more.I understand that it is one of the most difficult topics of conversation with children and when you, at last, were at loss for words, they sometimes flow from you a senseless stream because of excitement.But such tactics instantly forces us to be disconnected that as I understand, is absolutely opposite to what you aspired.I returned from school and sat down at lessons.

It will be useful

It will be useful for it to know the following: What can you tell about development of your child?Why it seems to you, what it lags behind in development or develops not as other children?What problems of the child you consider main?Whether it happened sometime, what the child unexpectedly for you did something, earlier seeming for him inaccessible?Whether somebody considers in your family, what if you did for the child less, he could bigger learn?Assessment of an athletic ability of the baby with a cerebral palsy In order that methods of occupations with the child were effective, it is necessary to understand well, by what criteria they are selected.

Masha X. years, on council

Moreover, the same

Everyone acquires the right for a treasure according to the sincere system and a measure of the forces.Moreover, the same cave for different people appears that transition to other reality, the screen with the multiple virtual worlds, simply information warehouse, it is similar to library.Some children, as well as at Alladin, have a right of blood for the free admission in a cave.Others should be learned.And, for a superficial glance between these children there are no distinctions.

It is simpler

, b.The same problem arises at the childs usazhivaniye that is when it is necessary to bend his feet in coxofemoral joints and to remove shoulders forward.It is simpler to turn at first it sideways, to put the palm to it on a breast, at the same time directing his head and shoulders forward.After that it will be easier to bend and part hips fig.How to carry the child Often only way to carry the child who already grew up and became heavy, is to put it to itself on a shoulder.

Lets imagine

For the lack of a desk lamp, draw it, or ask children to involve imagination.Lesson course Show to children the electric socket into which the fork of your desk lamp is inserted.Lets imagine that the socket is our Source, and a lamp it we.The cord will represent our communication with the Source.It is our pipeline on which the net, positive energy streaming from the Source aspires to us.The electric bulb will show, how closely we are connected with our Source, in other words amount of the positive energy coming to us, power of vibrations of our soul, power of light radiated by us and love.

But better

EPILOGUE Well here, now, having read up my book till these lines, you got acquainted with many universal laws which it is similar to laws of gravitation.It is possible or to believe in them, or is not present.I feel that this truth is intuitively familiar to many kids.But better to remember them, children need parental support.Think studying these laws in a circle of the family.Weekly, having gathered, define what of lessons you would like to pass next week.

One of misunderstanding

Treatment of motive violations The cerebral palsy is a violation of movements, and most of parents, naturally, the main attention pay to development in the child of movements, especially right at the beginning when they have a hope that the kid will be able to move more or less normally.One of misunderstanding with which face native the child a cerebral palsy, is that the many people are offered to them by different ways of the help in its motive development.In our book these ways of treatment are not discussed, we offer practical ways of the help to the child.


To them Vika suitable to everything it is very responsible, prepared two weeks.She noticed nothing all this time around, practically ate nothing, slept for hours per day and only prepared, prepared, prepared for tests.These of Vick actually did not communicate days with Lesha.They DID NOT TALK at all.In their house there came such unusual, such frightening silence.Silence which testified the arisen vacuum in their relations.Because when silence comes is means that THAN to speak to people of any more HE O.

As we see, the unfortunate

Look how this thought is dissolved in space of universal thought.As we see, the unfortunate thought also successfully gets into space of universal thought, as well as happy thought.But unless someone from us wants to feel like more unfortunate because of some evil or disturbing thought?If the age of your children allows, tell them that we can sometimes catch thoughts of other people, just as other people can read our mind as the reason of each person is part of a universal mind.


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